Nervous Anticipation

After spending all weekend bugging my husband to no end, I finally decided to really go ahead and do it.  But be warned!  This is not for the faint of heart or the timid.  I spent all Friday, Saturday and Sunday thinking about if this was something I really wanted to do and if it would harm my marriage in any way.  Like I said I really bugged the heck of my hubby and he assured me with all the warmth and patience a frustrated husband can that he was really fine with it.  Then I had to wrestle with the moral dillema I was facing, but my husband was the one that actually made a really good point.  I will never meet these people, there is no physical contact and my picture will never end up on some smutty web page.  And just as the PC title says, I’m a phone actress!  It’s all fantasy, there is nothing real there.  No one gets on the moral high horse with movie actors and actresses when playing a role that requires a steamy love scene.  So if I help a few lonely guys and get paid for it, there is no harm done, at least on my end.  So I have put some feelers out to see what I can find.  My first attempt was to leave a voice mail for a company I found on a legitimate and popular job search site.  The message requested that I leave a voice mail and if they liked my voice, they would call back.  I found another company and sent an application via internet.  Please be careful if you do that!  Do not disclose any personal information that would not otherwise be available to the public.  And a third company left me with many questions, so I’m waiting for a response.  Hopefully these three scenarios will help illustrate what you go through when looking for a job like this one.  In the meantime, I’m going to continue biting my nails in nervous anticipation.  I can’t believe how nervous I am waiting for these replies!

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