Your Wish, Is My Command…

I’ve become the proverbial genie in a bottle.  Clients call and ask, and I grant.  Girl on girl?  No problem.  You want me to tell you how hot you look in pink panties?  Can do.  It takes all kinds, and so far I’ve had no qualms performing for my clients.  My favorite calls are the ones that start out as normal conversation and naturally progress as the client’s desire does.  And I really like it when they know what they want.  There’s nothing harder than trying to pin point what a client wants and trying not to upset him.  You never know how a client might react if you suggest the wrong fantasy, usually they get angry and just hang up.  Being the perfectionist that I am, I try to make their fantasy a reality verbally.  However, it sometimes becomes difficult to grant their every wish.  I had one caller that was really into slapping, and ironically he was really nice.  When it got a little rough (punching and kicking) I had to pull him back a little bit and he actually apologized!  I feel bad when that happens.  I’m there to supply a fantasy, but I can’t do that if the fantasy takes an illegal or uncomfortable turn.  Luckily I was able to find a middle ground and he seemed very pleased.  Besides, I make a much better genie than I do a punching bag.  A lot cuter too lol.  I had one client that was super sweet.  It was really a pleasure fantasizing with him.  And when all was said and done he said “thank you”.  For those of you who read this and decide to call one of these lines take note…   Treating the girl on the other end of the phone respectfully will only make her work harder for you.  If you’re nice to her, she’ll do everything she can to rock your world.  And if you’re not too shy, a thank you will forever be cherished.  I know that if that particular client ever calls back, I will go out of my way to please him.

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