Baby of Mine?

Okay, I’m a little late posting, life has this annoying habit of getting in the way.  I’m learning as I delve deeper into this fantasy world I now employ that there are just some things better left alone.  I’ve heard of some pretty unusual fetishes, so far nothing I can’t handle.  Understanding them though, that is something entirely different.  One of the most common fetishes I get a request for besides the usual stocking, shoes and domination is the infantile fetish.  I can’t pretend to understand it, but I’m going to try.  In one night I had two clients request this fantasy.  My first client wanted to be changed and breastfed.  The other wanted to be changed also, but wanted his ba-ba and binky.  For those of you not familiar with this, there are adult diapers (both disposable and cloth) that can be used for this fantasy along with bottles, pacifiers and other “toys”.  These clients want to be dominated, but not abused.  They want to feel secure with their partner, not whipped.  If there was ever a situation where a person can be completely and utterly dominated, it’s as an infant.  An infant relies on it’s caretaker (usually the mother in these fantasies) for everything.  But this fetish works both ways.  The “Mother” figure usually requires some sort of thanks in return for the care she has shown her “baby”.  I’m sure you can figure out for yourself what that might be, it is sex play after all.  Of all the fetishes I have encountered before, this is the most interesting.  Men are naturally dominant and often prefer traditional domination fantasies in which they are forced (by their own choice) to be submissive to a very sexually confident woman.  With the infantile fetish the “baby” is truly giving total control to his partner, I think that demonstrates a level of trust that’s very hard to find in a relationship, even an established one.  I’ll admit that if my husband told me he harbored this fetish I might freak out a bit.  I don’t want that kind of control over a physical partner.  But as is the general rule in the phone sex industry… anything goes.  For those of you wondering if this is legal, the simple answer is ‘yes’.  But there’s some gray areas that need to be tread carefully.  For instance, the whole molestation thing comes into play.  This fantasy is most common in male/female relationships and often the man is the baby and the woman is the mother.  However, the man does not want to fantasize about his real mother!  He just wants to be mothered.  Boy, a therapist could really have a blast with some of this stuff!  And because this is a form of domination the woman takes a role that while caring, is very sexual and commanding in nature.  She wants to control when her “baby” eats, sleeps and when he’s changed.  These things are done in a very suggestive manner with both partners merely playing these parts, not truly thinking they are mother and child – at least, I don’t think so, but I could be wrong.  I think I’m getting to in depth with this one, but you get the point.  Unusual?  Yes.  Hard to understand?  Not really.  Just goes to show that you really do need to have an open mind. 

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  1. I had two of these as well except he wanted me to be the baby and him be the daddy. scary enough he wanted it to be kinda like master slave.ugh. I think of master slave another way thank you lol. but if i understood one correctly he wanted it for his step daughter.

    which i also noticed was a big one as well. Does step daughter fall under taboo?

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