Are you really…?

I just have to get this out!  Without fail, every night I get at least one question that annoys the crap out of me.  Usually it’s something along the lines of, “Are you really ______?”  Just fill in the blank. 

“Are you really 18?” 

If they want the honest answer, it’s usually a resounding NO.  When it’s comes to this I want to scream with frustration.  Most of my clients already know that I’m probably not 18 and they really don’t care.  I am a verbal fantasy.  My voice is my lure and I use it well.  Those who call in should not allow themselves to dwell on how “real” the person they are talking to is.  If I describe myself as a 19 year old college sophomore with long blonde hair, blue eyes and a 24″ waist, don’t think about it!  Just go with the fantasy, that’s the fun of it.  You can imagine I’m a hot little number and enjoy my services, that’s what I’m there for.  Believe me I’d like to be 18 again too.

 “Are you really wearing stockings?”

Again, I have to say no.  If you’ve read my first blog, you know that I work in an office.  This requires professional dress.  While most men find stockings, heels and a skirt a turn on (including my hubby), most women don’t.  After eight hours of running around the skirt feels constricting, the stockings are pinching and the heels are killing me!  Sure at eight o’clock in the morning I thought they were pretty hot too, but definitely not at six in the evening.

 This is my favorite: “Are you really playing with yourself?”

 This one has everyone’s attention who has ever wanted to know anything about phone sex.  The truthful answer is… sometimes.  Any phone actress may tell you no, she never touches herself, but that is probably a lie.  Some clients sound creepy and perverted and give you the heeby jeebies, but on the other end of the spectrum are the clients that have voices that are just the right pitch to make a girl sit up and listen.  Think about it.  Would you want to talk to a PSA with a squeeky high pitched laugh like Fran Drescher or a sexy drawl like Angelina Jolie?  So, back to the original question; when a client has the combination of an incredible voice and describes the sexual fantasy with great detail it’s hard not to be turned on.  That doesn’t mean I actually get off, but I certainly am sorry when the call ends.

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