Whips, Boots, Cuffs… Oh my!

As my experience continues to grow in the world of phone sex, I am finally starting to master the mysterious world of verbal Domination.  It’s been a tough topic to grasp and I’ve learned the hard way that it takes a gentle touch.  If you push a client too far, they hang up; if you don’t go far enough, they hang up.  Every time I would hear that dreaded tag line I’d cringe wanting the client to just go away, but they never do.  I admit that I still cringe, but now I have some sort of idea of what’s expected… I think.  The most common domination fantasies included walking on a client in spiked heeled boots while insulting them.  After about five minutes it becomes very difficult to maintain the character.   There’s only so many ways you can tell someone how your walking on them in spiked heels.  I usually try to throw in some bondage, how severe is up to the client.  I might start out saying that I am going to tie their hands behind their back.  If they want something more hardcore, they’ll usually interject their opinion here.  Usually they want to be cuffed to the bed (for the unimaginative) or nailed to the floor in bondage (for the more experienced).  I’ll also experiment with whips.  Okay, I admit, this part is down right hard.  Trying to bring the experience of a whip to the conversation if well… wierd!  You can’t simulate the sound of the whip, nor would I suggest it.  Generally I just tell the client that I have a whip and I’m going to use it.  Then I count (in my sexiest voice) how many times I whip them.  I usually count to three.  Beyond that it just sounds silly.  If your wondering why it has taken me all this time to get the hang of Domination, there’s a very simple answer.  I am not a professional Dominatrix.  Most of the clients that request this fetish have mistresses and call to get a “fix” between visits.  I can’t compare myself to a trained mistress, and I’ve never even been near a dungeon!  These clients know what they want and it’s very hard to duplicate that.  But that’s what this job is all about, simulating sexual fantasies.  And I’ll keep working at it until I get it right.  For those considering this job, I hope this entry has helped the clarify a few things.  For those who call in, try to be specific, it’ll make your experience that much better.

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