Who’s Your Daddy?

Okay, this is one fetish I just can’t wrap my brain around, well not entirely.  And it’s also very hard to find where you cross the line from older man/younger woman to father/daughter.  I know, I know.  I can just hear all the responses I’ll get to that comment.  The truth is, it really is hard to tell.  This fetish can take one of two turns.  It can simply be an age difference where the male takes a dominant sexual role over a (much) younger woman, usually between the age of 18 and 21.  But sometimes it takes an illegal turn.  I was unfortunate enough to get a slippery client that changed his fantasy in the middle of the call.  It started innocently enough; the client referred to himself as an older man with a preference for younger women.  No big deal, I can do that.  It went something like this:

Him “So, how old are you?”

Me *giggle* “18,” *giggle*

Him “Mmm, I like ’em young.”

Me “Oh, you don’t sound that old to me…”

Him “Well, I’m 46.  I’m old enough to be your father.  Doesn’t that bother you?”

Me “No!  I like older men.”

You get the idea.  The conversation went back and forth for a minute or two and then turned steamy.  The client was most interested in how young he imagined my body looked against his and then he began with the “Who’s your Daddy?” comments.  Again, nothing unusual until halfway into the fantasy he asks, “You want to get in the shower with me?”  Before I can say anything in response he continues with, “Mommy will never know.”  Boing!  Up went the huge red flag.  Crap!  How do I get out of it now?  According to my contract it clearly states that I’m not allowed to participate in an illegal conversation.  Well, what have I been doing up to this point?!?  I later found out that if a client changes the topic to taboo, you don’t have to worry.  But you can’t use that excuse if you really don’t have a problem with taboo subjects or even encourage them.  Most companies record all the calls to protect both their clients and their employees.  So what did I do?  I pulled out of the conversation as much as possible and simply shut down on him.  Maybe I should have hit my mute button to simulate that I hung up on him, or stated quite clearly that I wasn’t comfortable with the conversation.  I let him do all the talking and just moaned or sighed whenever I thought it was appropriate.  You can hit the mute button; the client will just keep talking until they realize you’re not responding anymore.  Or you can say you are no longer comfortable with the fantasy.  In my experience, this seems to excite the client even more and they go out of their way to keep going.  It’s suddenly a reversal where they apologize for making you uncomfortable then go right back to the taboo topic.  I’m not writing this simply to freak anyone out, I’m telling you how to use it to your advantage.  After all, most PSOs get paid by the minute, and the more minutes, the better for you.  Once the conversation hits a point where you really can’t take it anymore just hit your mute button.  Usually, the client knows you’re still there, and then they get down right pissed.  Let the insults fly, and they will.  No matter how much you may want to, most contracts won’t allow you to insult a client unless it’s a specific request.  This is where most PSOs lose their nerve and decide they really can’t stick it out.  So what do I do?  Light a cigarette and let a few of my own insults fly.  Even though the client can’t hear me and I’m not being recorded it still makes me feel better.  It also helps if you realize that the client just sounds more like a whiny child than an adult.  Pretty soon they get tired of insulting you (or the air really) and they hang up.  Then it’s on to the next client, and hopefully a better conversation.

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Working the Adult Industry

As a phone actress you get to work on the fringes of that elusive industry without actually exposing yourself, unless you choose to.  Some women see this as simply a way to make money, and it is.  But for some it’s a little more.  There are no awards for phone actresses, but to the clients we please we are the girls they never dreamed they could talk to.  The longer I do this, the more I realize that I’m not far off my mark.  I’m not just a pretty voice on the line, I’m a verbal sexual fantasy.  But my life is my own and I don’t have to worry about stalkers – much better, even if the pay isn’t.  But the more pressing matter isn’t so much the fact that I do work in the adult entertainment industry, it’s how do I flip that switch from mom/wife to vixen/slut?  It’s not the easiest thing to do, I don’t have to strut around in my perfection – Ha! – for my adoring  public constantly, but it still takes a little work.  Nope, nothing glamorous happens much to a phone sex operator.  To create new fantasies I regularly peruse porn magazines that are normally reserved for the male population.  Pouring over letters and pictures that I can use to describe sexual encounters during my phone calls.  It also helps if you’re somewhat familiar with porn movies.  Many clients call for that personal touch while they’re watching one of the many skin flicks that makes some porn stars legendary.  All of my interest in porn would probably make the man in my life thrilled if I included him in my “research”.  The truth is, I really don’t.  I often watch and read and take mental notes, but there is really very little true enjoyment for me.  I’m too busy repeating the noises the girls make, memorizing new and sexy phrases and trying to describe the myriad of positions splayed across the pages of Hustler.  This is how I mentally prepare myself to stand up to iconic images of client’s fantasies with only my voice.  It goes even farther than that though.  Attitude is everything and if you’re not in the right frame of mind you have no hope of keeping clients interested.  It took me a while to really open my mind to the sexual side of humans.  While I don’t bring many ideas from my calls into the bedroom, it has allowed to be less judgemental of others.  What once would have turned me off, I now accept with hardly a blink.  Being able to think quickly and turn a shy awkward confession into a sultry fantasy takes some practice, but if you familiarize yourself with sex in general, you’ll find it gets easier.  It also helps if you can enjoy your own sexual side without setting any judgements on yourself.  The public does that enough for us, you don’t need to do it yourself. 

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It’s a Job!

Warning: This post is not hot, kinky or sexy. 

Here’s something no one ever considers before thinking about becoming a phone actress.  It really is a job.  Some days are a breeze, you get great clients, your calls are ten minutes or more and you hardly notice the time gone by.  Other nights you are put down and screamed at by clients that only want to degrade and abuse you.  Each call feels like an eternity wrapped up in two minutes.  Just like any other job, sometimes you have your good days, and sometimes you have the bad.  The only real problem is that when you are having a bad day, it’s really bad and you want to stay as far away from that phone as possible.  You don’t have a boss hanging over you threatening your job, you don’t have messages waiting in your voice-mail to return, it short – you have no outside incentive to get on that phone and work!  Here’s where most PA’s lose their momentum.  Now the question isn’t your stamina or your ability.  If you’ve gone more than a month in this job, you know you have both.  What you’re lacking is the desire to keep taking those calls.  Believe me, I know how hard it is to talk to a client that calls you a slut, a whore and any number of other sexually degrading names.  Now is when you need to bite the bullet and remember that none of those things are directed at you.  It’s your character – assuming you’ve made one, or more – that is on the receiving end.  And your character is not real!  I know this is hard, I know you just want to go to sleep and pull that nice warm comforter over your head.  Remember, I’ve been there too.  Occasionally you will read about the stoic resolve of a phone actress getting on and working despite a cold (I’ve read them too).  To them I say, “Bite Me!”  It’s flu/cold season.  I have two children, both in school.  There is an endless stream of germs and infections marching in and out of my house this time of year.  And the last thing I want to do is scream and moan for a client when my head is pounding, I’m running a fever and my throat is killing me.  If I don’t want to work I will try to come up with any number of reasons to stay away from that phone.  Now is when you need to put your resolve to the test.  This is probably the hardest part of being a PA.  I know, because I’m dealing with it now.  I can’t just stop working.  And yes, the thought has crossed my mind.  How do I get past this nasty bump?  To be perfectly honest, I don’t know.  I’m still working on that one.  But I do know that the most important thing you need to do is take better care of yourself in order to stay available for your family, your job and your clients.  You know the saying – ‘Take care of yourself first’.  I know, I know, it’s just too hard, your too tired, your too sick.  Well honey, if you want to make money (and you must or you wouldn’t have started this job at all) you’ve got to suck it up and move on.  Take those vitamins, drink lots of water, and eat healthy.  Pretty soon you’ll start to feel better.  By all means take a night off for that date you made with a wonderful cold medicine that knocks you out, but don’t give up.  You’ll come back and when you do, you’ll be better than ever!

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