Getting Back on That Horse

Quick note: If you’ve been following my blog you may not have been able to gain access because it was suspended.  There was a mistake with administration and I’m obviously back up and running.  Nothing has been deleted or modified so feel free to read any and all posts you didn’t get a chance to before.

In my last post I said my family had gotten a new puppy.  Since she arrived I have worked a total of maybe two days in the last three weeks.  Yikes!  Amazingly, my contract is still good, but I’m having a hard time getting back to work.  Part of the reason I’m writing this is because, well, without taking new calls it’s hard to find new material.  The other reason, I’m tired and getting back to work is tough.  And I’m guessing I’m not alone in facing this dilemma.  Getting up at 6am with my kids and puppy and staying up until 3am taking calls is enough to wear anyone down, if it doesn’t kill them first.  But I’m not going to bore you with my mundane family life.  I’m trying to find the energy and will to get back up on that proverbial horse.  This isn’t simply a cold that knocked me on my ass or a reluctance to keep taking clients.  Life has just gone completely topsy-turvy and I can’t seem to find my footing.  Anyone with more willpower than myself wouldn’t have a hard time with this.  But I can’t speak for anyone else, and I’m not that perfect.  If I was, my husband might keel over from the shock alone!  Nope, I just can’t seem to cope with the changes.  Now I just need to figure out how to deal with it anyway.  I can’t nor do I want to stop working as a PSO.  I could easily use this as an excuse to get out of a job that wears down even the strongest, but I happen to like my job.  Gasp!  Yes, with all the degrading names, sick sexual perversions and erotic fantasies that would make even Larry Flynt squirm I still like what I do.  If you are a PSO who is dealing with a personal crisis right now (and that can be anything) but still want to get back to work this is for you.  For PSO’s who either can’t or don’t want to work anymore, well, there’s nothing wrong with that either.  Sometimes things just don’t work out the way you planned.  Okay, back on track here…  So how do you get back on that horse after getting thrown off?  Start small.  Get yourself back in the groove first.  It’s hard to go back to taking calls when you yourself probably haven’t even thought of sex in a while.  Purchase a porn magazine, watch a porn movie, scour the internet.  Start those naughty thoughts flowing again.  I usually do this on a weekly basis when I am on track just to keep my calls fresh.  It’s easy to lose that sexy edge when you haven’t used it in a while.  Next, don’t kill yourself trying to make up for lost time.  Give yourself permission to just let it go.  You may be tempted to force yourself to log in for three hours in one night, but your only going to lower the quality of your calls and frustrate yourself.  Believe me, I’ve done it more than once and pissed off more than a few clients.  Start by logging in for a half hour at a time.  If your calls are going well and your enjoying it, log in for another half hour.  You might find that you get tired more quickly and lose your patience easily if you force yourself.  When you start again after a temporary hiatus you’ll be surprised that you don’t have the same gumption that you did when you first started this job.  Of coarse, when you first started this job, you probably didn’t know what you were getting into and the novelty was keeping it fresh.  If you work for a good company, they’ll be forgiving and let you work at your own pace.  If they don’t, you need a new company.  Slowly work yourself up to your previous ability.  You might get back up and running quickly, or it may take a few weeks.  Either way, it’s okay.  This isn’t an easy job mentally and if you push too hard your going to resent the job and yourself.  If you get a bad call on your first night back, LET IT GO!  It’s nothing personal against you.  It takes a while to get back in the swing of things and it’s not unusual to lose your touch.  Eventually you’ll be back to normal and when those checks start rolling in you’ll feel a lot better and more confident.  Even the roughest toughest cowboys feel a sting when they get thrown off their saddles, that’s what makes it so hard to get back on.  Just for the record I’ve been thrown off a real horse, it’s a painful and scary experience.  But once you get back on and master it again, it’s so worth it!  So keep at it, you’ll do great, I promise.

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When Life Gets in the Way

For anyone who follows this blog, I just want to let you know that I’m still here!  I’m still a PSO, but things have been a little chaotic in our home recently.  Sometimes things don’t go according to plan and that usually means a major interruption to the normal schedule.  We recently added a 16-week-old puppy to our family.  Boy what a change!  I feel like I have a new toddler in the house.  Normally I try to write about my job itself, but this has been such an upheavel that I thought it was worth noting.  Since our puppy arrived I have been exhausted by early morning walks, training, afternoon walks, vet visits, evening walks, keeping the puppy from chewing everything, late night walks….  You get the idea.  It occurred to me that there are many changes that could occur in our lives that would disrupt the job of a PSO.  Probably the most profound would be the birth of a baby, a move or a death.  There are no hard fast rules about when to take time off, how much time, if you need to start all over again, or if you even want to.  Most PSOs work according to their own schedule.  Only a few companies have a minimum requirement for the hours worked and most are pretty outrageous.  If I had to do this job 35-40 hours a week, I wouldn’t have lasted more than that first week.  So what do you do when life throws a curve ball your way?  In a normal job you either take some time off or you use your job as an escape from the stress that’s just landed in your lap, but this isn’t a normal job.  Whatever your dealing with is going to disrupt your personal schedule, stress you out in positive and/or negative ways and most likely leave you with little desire or energy to take calls from horny clients.  Take some time to sort yourself out, reestablish your personal routine and if you need to take more than a week off you need to realize that you will probably lose either your regular clients and/or contract with your company.  Don’t stress, you can always sign a new contract and letting your clients know that you will be unavailable for a period of time is okay.  I was surprised at how off-balance I was after getting our puppy.  I took a week off to catch up on some much needed sleep and reassess my schedule.  I didn’t think it would be such a big deal, so I can only imagine how a major stressful event might affect your job.  Many PSO’s decide not to return to their jobs either reaching their financial goals or simply don’t have the energy to continue.  And let’s face it, if you have a new baby who has the energy for anything?  The important thing to remember is that this is only a job, your life is way more important.  Make yourself a priority, don’t try to be Super Woman.  What real woman wants to attain fictional status created by a man anyway?  Enjoy life, you only get one chance.  The job will always be here when and if you want to get back to it.

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