End of the Line

This will be my last post.  Working as a Phone Actress has had it’s ups and downs and I was glad I had the chance to do it.  I learned a lot from this job about myself, our society and sex and about the adult industry.  However, all good things must come to an end.  Some clients made me laugh, some made me cry, quite a few pissed me off and even more turned me on.  And I’m grateful that I had a platform through which I could reach other people like myself to “tell it like it is”.  Before I started this job I scoured the internet for information on what this job was really all about with no success.  Hopefully, my experiences will help those who want to know more.  If you want more information about the company I worked with and how to get a job go to www.phoneactress.com.  For anyone thinking of becoming a PSO I have one last bit of advice, make sure your signifigant other is supportive.  Mine was and I was lucky, but that’s not always the case.  Good luck to everyone! 

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  1. I am a single mom of 2 and my sixteen yr.old is so smart she was recurited for a boarding school in N.H. As of today i have 11.00 in my account, can a woman make enough doing this to make aroud $400-$500.00 a week,if so how many hours per week would I have to put in to do this, what is the best shift? Thats the extra money I need,I live my life pay day to pay day and I am always short, and I do not get the child support awarded to me by the court.I need to make money fast but it has to be good money, I can act so I am not worried about that.
    I called the site you offered is there better ones that pay more?
    I LOVE YOUR BLOG, Thank you!!

  2. Sherri-
    Thank you so much for your post. And congratulations on raising such an intelligent and accomplished young lady. In answer to your question, you would only be able to make the money you need by working as a PSO 35-40 hours a week, minimum. You are paid on a scale depending on how long you can keep a client and how satisfied they are. You also need to have an extremely thick skin to take the verbal and mental abuse your clients can and will dish out. My suggestion would be to find another line of work that won’t tax your sanity or time. The optimal time to “work the lines” is between 10pm and 5am CST. A pretty rough schedule to keep if you work a day job and raise kids. If you thought having a newborn was tough, this is tougher. I would suggest checking out http://www.MoneyMakingMommy.com. They are an invaluable (and free) source of information about alternate ways to earn some extra cash and maybe start your own business, but stay away from surveys. They’re a waste of time and there’s no money. If you decide that being a PSO is the way to go, I highly suggest http://www.NiteFlirt.com. I personally never got the chance to try it out myself, but I’ve heard some very positive feed back from some of the more successful Flirts. Good luck, no matter what path you choose.

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