About Me!

First, I am a happily married with two children.  I am perfectly normal, you would hardly notice me if we walked by each other on the street.  While I am pretty, I am not traffic-stopping beautiful!  I do have a full time job working for a law firm.  I live in a typical suburb outside of a large mid-west metropolitan city.  I am just like you, that is if you’re a woman.  I make dinner, do the laundry and help with homework.  I attend parent-teacher meetings and I try to maintain a romantic connection with my husband.  Only now, I’m embarking on a journey that is both enticing and scary and I’m inviting you to join me.  I have decided to join the adult entertainment industry as a phone actress (don’t you just love the P.C. title?) aka phone sex operator.  We’ll see what happens… So ladies, if you’re thinking of joining the ranks of the adult entertainment world, I’m your guinea pig!  Enjoy!  

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